Searching by Citations

When you have found a useful reference to a book or article, for example in Wikipedia, a Subject Encyclopedia, or in the bibliography of a journal article or book, you can use Citation Linker to locate the specific item. The item may be on the shelf in the library or available in one of UCSC's online databases.


  • Click on Citation Linker
  • Select the appropriate item type, for example an ARTICLE, a BOOK, a BOOK CHAPTER, and so on
  • Enter all the citation information available to you. Note that an article will require specific details, such as the journal it was published in, the article's title, the author(s), the date, volume, issue, pages; while a book may only require a title.

Tip: If you have an incomplete citation you can ASK A LIBRARIAN for assistance or you can run a Google search get more citation details for the item 


Cited References (e.g. Cited By, Times Cited)

A number of databases provide information about how many times and who has cited a specific article or book. Web of Science, CSA Illumina, and Google Scholar provide this information, which is indicated at the point where you view the results of your search. Because there is no comprehensive way for the databases to get this information, the Times Cited/Cited By counts are not necessarily accurate.